Ski tuning deals

Ski tuning deals

Jump to main page content. Thanks to the Autoturn rocker technology, Rossignol Experience skis makes it is easier to steer, balance, and control your speed—all of which make for a better skiing experience. If you are taking a lesson or program at Whiteface or Bear Den, please check the details on your lesson or program to see if rentals are included. For more information please call Whether you need a minor repair or a major overhaul, visit our certified technicians at the repair and tune shop for professional tuning of your skis or snowboard.

Skiing Tuning & Wax

We offer a full line of ski tuning, installation, and rentals seasonal, groups and daily. Did you get new skis and bindings this year? Bring them to us and we ll mount them for you! Click here to access our Online Reservation form. Please give us at least 48 hours notice! To contact or locate us, including a link to a Google Map for us, click here. The snow at the ski hill has been phenomenal and there are plenty of you that have taken advantage.

There is plenty of room for everybody on the mountain to have a wonderful day of skiing. Floods, Blizzards, and Deep Freeze….. Oh my! There has been plenty to mark this season as memorable. Are you putting your own personal touch on it? A word from our Tuners: We keep them around all year, just waiting for these few great opportunities to rent them out. If you have upcoming plans to travel with your snowsport equipment, note that there are big changes in the airline rules for oversized bags like skis and snowboards and heavy bags that perhaps contain ski boots and other equipment.

It is important that you check with your airline each airline is different and understand the […]. If we could offer a simple formula for guaranteed success doing any snowsport, the formula would include the simple variable called Socks. Even though the technology and insulation has improved in downhill ski boots, snowboard boots and cross country ski boots, a good pair of socks is still essential. One pair of […]. Winter Feels Good in so many ways. But before you head for the hills—or even your own backyard—there are things you should know.

We have found a wonderful organization and website that promotes winter fitness and activities to the general public. With plain language, interactive tools, […].

Ski & Snowboard Services

After the ski technician brings you your freshly mounted skis from the backshop that you just purchased, quite often the first question, especially for first time ski owners is: The answer you got was probably pretty brief especially if you were asking on a busy Wintery weekend day, you might not have gotten all the info you were looking for, but hey that s why you Googled How often should I tune my skis or snowboard Right? Ok so here s the deal. There is no such thing as waxing your skis too much. Wax makes your skis hydrophobic, afraid of water basically The more hydrophobic your skis are the faster they will be, it also makes them a lot easier to turn.

For a great day of skiing a well-prepared ski is essential. After only a few days skiing you clearly lose sharpness and slipperiness.

Now that we re right in the middle ofwhat is historically the snowiest two months in Colorado, you definitely want your equipment to be in the best shape possible. Here s a helpful videoblog we put together with our partners at Christy Sports last year about how the pros wax, grind, and sharpen your boards to perfection. Theres nothing like feeling the G-forces of a true carve on a groomed run, or feeling like youre flying while floating on deep powder. And, theres nothing like getting smacked down onto a patch of ice when you cant hold an edge, or getting stuck on a catwalk because you have no wax. Its not you.

How to Tune Skis & Snowboards

The new GRIPtech system by Montana for the side edge provides a leap in quality in ski and snowboard service: Together with radial tuning it delivers an edge with unique properties. A huge increase in consistency and precision. Come check it out. Drop off skis or snowboard by 7pm, and pick up the next morning at 8am. Skis, telemark skis and snowboards should be perfectly flat from edge to edge and from tip to tail.

Tuning & Repairs

Our lead ski techs have been in the business for nearly 20 years and are among the must trusted repair techs in Winter Park. We know how valuable your time is especially on a powder day! That s why in most cases ski or snowboard tunes are guaranteed overnight! Keep in mind that if equipment is in need of major surgery base shot, top sheet delamination or needs p-tex application the wait time to complete a proper repair may be a little longer, but don t worry we have a killer selection of demo skis so you can try something new while you wait! An application of hot wax will help your skis glide on the flat portions of the mountain. This means less pushing of your poles and less strain on your leg muscles. If you notice your skis are dragging on runs or if the base is dull or developing a whitish hue come in for a wax! Edging your skis sharpens the edges to help you carve through crud and slice through turns. If you notice your edges are burred or starting to rust it s time for an edge.

Tuning and Repair Shop

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The performance of your skis and snowboards can deteriorate over time if they are not properly tuned. Our trained staff can get your skis or board back in shape, and performing like new! If you are unsure about what your equipment may need, just ask our friendly staff and they can recommend the perfect tune for your needs. We will be happy to perform any base or edge repair work on your skis or snowboard. Our shop is now open! The Greek Peak Repair Shop was expanded through a complete remodel makeover in with its own separate entrance. All new Wintersteiger ski and snowboard tuning equipment has been installed to meet the highest levels of servicing for your equipment. We offer same day or overnight service.

Having sharp edges, a flat base, and a good wax job can make all the difference between an epic and terrible day. Depending on how often you go to the mountain, you may only need to get your skis or snowboard tuned once per year; if you ride a lot you may need work done weekly. Whether you go to a professional or do it yourself, there is always some tuning you can easily perform at home with the right tools. Skis and snowboards normally come from the factory with a finished tune that includes a flat base and smooth, sharp edges. Ski and snowboard edges can also be sharpened and maintained by hand, and the skills can be learned by anyone with moderate coordination and desire to master them. Tools needed to perform this work include a flat file, file guide s with appropriate steel or diamond files to accurately maintain base edge and side edge bevel, a gummy stone for smoothing and a file card or wire brush for keeping the files clean. In a pinch you can perform this work on a table with a couple of 4x4s under the ends of your skis or board make sure you have a wall to keep them from sliding or propped up diagonally against a table or counter, but it makes the work more difficult. Retract the ski brakes before you start and use a thick rubber band stretched between the brake arms and over the heel piece to keep them out of the way. Snowboards can usually be tuned by simply folding the highback forward. If you have burrs in your edges from hitting rocks or other objects, you may have trouble removing them with a regular file.

A ski or snowboard tune maximizes performance and equipment lifespan and is an important step in skiing or snowboarding well. Drop off your gear at Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows for all of your tuning and repair needs.

The earliest recorded ski wax was pine tar, and it was used to coat wooden skis to prevent them from absorbing water. Ski wax technology didn t experience a breakthrough until , when a chemical company and an Olympic skier developed a synthetic wax together. The formula is not too different from the ski waxes that are in use today. So, how often should you wax your skis? The answer varies. Depending on the conditions, you may need to wax after every ski practice or every week. Similarly, you may need to use tuning tools weekly or daily to tighten up your bindings -- although, that usually applies more to snowboards. Your skis should be sharp enough to slice off the top of your nail - if they are too blunt to do this, ski sharpening is required. Learning how to wax your skis is important. First, secure the breaks out of the way and wipe the skis with a little alcohol to remove any rust and dust. Drip the wax onto the skis, moving down the blade until the entire surface is covered in wax. By the time you have reached the opposite end, the first end should be dry. Once the wax has dried, use a plastic scraper to remove excess wax. Use a brush to remove any residual wax.

The ski doctor offers detailed hand repairs and waxing for your skis or snowboard. We service both skis and snowboards with the proper equipment and skills. Repairs include PTex, core shots, epoxy work and much more! All of this is done right at your front door. Schedule your housecall today. No reservation necessary.

Treat your equipment to a handcrafted tune by our mountain based professionals with over 30 years of combined experience. We are offering the best deals of the season. Whether it is in great condition and just needs a sharpen and wax, or it has been used a little more and could use a tune up, or you want to have them brought back to like new condition with a full tune, We will take care of them. Call or email tuning bristolmt. Wax puts a barrier between your skis or board and the snow, which enables them to move more evenly, smoother, and faster as you move down the mountain. From corduroy to corn snow there are so many different types of conditions that can exist on the mountain and there are waxes designed to optimize the performance of your skis or board during those conditions. Think about the last time you skied through a puddle and felt your skis slow down. A good coat of wax can help mitigate the impact of variable conditions and ensure even, smooth performance from your equipment. Can you see rust on the edges? When you run your fingers down the edges do they feel dull? Can you feel burrs or nicks? Tuning will help remove these imperfections and enable top performance from your equipment.

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