Pc world fantastic freebies

Pc world fantastic freebies

This is the second time that Foxit Reader is a Fantastic Freebie during the last three years. It s slow, bloated, and buggy, and it often crashes some systems--all of which can drive you insane. Foxit lets you read and even fill out PDF files, without touching Reader. Click here to learn more about the article on PC world. Click here to learn more about Foxit Reader.

FreeConference.com cited by PCWorld as one of the 10 All-Time Greatest Free Services

The Microsoft Live Labs are at it again They have just announced a new paradigm for mobile browsing called Microsoft Deepfish. Is seems it works in a similar fashion as not much different from some other solutions, in which a server-side engine fetches and render pages, transferring an image of this page The following short movie shows how a page is rendered first in a completely zoomed out state. When you press the Action button the grey area will help you focus what area to zoom in and clicking the Action button again will enlarge that area.

Notice how the content is blurry after zooming in. Like some mapping technologies only the content needed to fill the screen is downloaded and cached, so the blur will go after a couple of seconds after you move to a new area in the page, giving way for a much better picture. The product is currently on a semi-open beta. IT appears all the allocated slots for beta testers are taken, but you can register your interest on the research site.

Microsoft Deepfish on Palm Treo v. Even with all complaints about the current state of affairs when it comes to New Zealand broadband services and infrastructure, it seems the kiwis love to buy on-line. The results show just strong the New Zealand market is for online shopping. It seems New Zealanders are also spending on-line a lot more than. What would be interest to see is how much of this dollar figure is generated from Trademe alone.

The study tells us the most popular single item of purchase was tickets for flights. Mr Boyte explained: It would be interesting to see if you have numbers for comparison with other countries, not only Australia. Here is the Fantastic Freebies , broken out into 23 categories: Net Email for Free Gmail winner Yahoo!

According to this story, " flaming space junk narrowly misses jet ". The Russians provided the wrong time of reentry, and threfore wrong location. The Auckland Oceanic Centre, in charge of that part of air space gave airlines the option of not flying, but since the time was wrong You get it: The pilot of a Lan Chile Airbus A, which was travelling between Santiago, Chile, and Auckland, New Zealand, notified air traffic controllers at Auckland Oceanic Centre after seeing flaming space junk hurtling across the sky just five nautical miles in front of and behind his plane about 10pm last night.

A spokesman for Airways New Zealand, which provides air navigation services across airspace known as the Auckland Flight Information Region, confirmed the incident this morning. Airways New Zealand had been warned by Russian authorities almost two weeks ago that a satellite would be entering the earth s atmosphere sometime today between That is scary. But it also makes me think That s right: I got a pair of those incredibly cool BlackBox M14 Noise Cancellation headphones for review, and the manufacturers asked me to give those away instead of returning them.

Go ahead, read our review on Geekzone , and then enter the competition. It s open to everyone, in New Zealand or not. The non-technology post of the day A very interesting article by Zbigniew Brzezinski , national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter: It should be a lesson to all leaders. A must read to all lawmakers. I ve previously posted about the Vodafone VDA IV being locked , which prevents users installing self signed certificates, important for individuals and organisations running Microsoft Exchange Server and their own CA Certificate Authority servers.

Since that post I wrote a Vodafone review and after that I received a few requests on instructions on how to unlock this smartphone. For all of you who have been waiting for this, Vodafone was listening and they have just sent me a firmware upgrade developed by ASUS, allowing self signed certificates to be installed on this device. Also, if you haven t read the review yet, Vodafone has posted a comment there, confirming an update for Windows Mobile 6 should be avaialble for this device mid Good move guys!

One of the most interesting features released with Windows Mobile 6 is the option to encrypt the contents of an external memory card. This is important if you have some content that you are working on but can t just leave "in the open". Until now I had the impression that the encryption keys were stored on the device only, and if you hard reset it or had a problem you wouldn t be able to read the memory card on another device.

There s a reason why we do not like Internet trolls. But it is worst when anonymous comments turn into threats. This shouldn t be happening. Kathy Sierra shouldn t be afraid. A great blog, with good market, marketing, product placement comments. I really hope she s got some good police officers investigating. Some clued in police officers.

Go get the prick. I wonder if the New Zealand Police is prepared to work on such cases. I read somewhere they have some technology guys around. A few days ago I posted about a series of spyware ads being served by AOL. The story comes originally from Spywaresucks. But at least Microsoft moved quickly and withdraw the ads as soon as they were notified of this. But it looks like AOL either doesn t believe in external reports, or doesn t care about the security of their network.

AOL is stil serving infected ads. When is AOL going to clean their ad network? I live in New Zealand and my interests include mobile devices, good books, movies and food of course! I m the Geekzone admin. On Geekzone we publish news, reviews and articles on technology topics. The site also has some busy forums. Also worth visiting is TravelTalk NZ, a community for travelers! Note this email is not for technical support. I don t give technical support. You can use our Geekzone Forums for community discussions on technical issues.

Here s is my full disclosure post. A couple of blog posts you should read:. Follow freitasm. Mauricio Freitas. Permalink to Video: Permalink to Scary: Add a comment Main Index. Permalink to Terrorized by war on terror Add a comment Main Index. Permalink to FAQs you should read: Windows Mobile 6 and encrypting storage cards Add a comment Main Index.

Permalink to Threats are not nice Add a comment Main Index. A couple of blog posts you should read: This blog is hosted by Geekzone. Report this post. Contents are property and copyright of the author, or licensed.

Fabulous Freebies

Downloads or services named to the " Fantastic Freebies" list were chosen by PC World editors based on features, design, and performance. Each product had to be a fully functioning version consumers can obtain at no cost. With more and more spam mail being sent daily, it s important for e-mail users to be protected against spam, phishing and other e-mail threats. SPAMfighter s free spam filter educates and helps world wide users to protect their e-mail accounts from becoming victims of cyber crime.

The Microsoft Live Labs are at it again They have just announced a new paradigm for mobile browsing called Microsoft Deepfish.

By YoKenny , October 1, in Software. Whether you re partial to online services or to downloadable software, we have the Web s best free stuff and it ll keep you productive, secure and entertained. It s the magic word for an ever-expanding wealth of downloadable software and online services. Free doesn t necessarily mean good, however, and hunting for freebies can mean sifting through a lot of junk. That s where we come in. We surfed, clicked and installed to find sparkling free gems capable of planning your time, keeping you in touch and tuning and securing your PC, not to mention glitzing up your desktop, helping you stay productive and entertaining you with music, videos, photos and games.

Freestanding tumble dryers

You get 5GB of free space to store your files. You can either keep the files private or share them with other users, on a folder-by-folder basis. The service imposes just one limitation: No file can be larger than MB. Torrent Swapper download Though BitTorrent has become the de facto protocol for sharing files, the BitTorrent client leaves a lot to be desired. Get this far superior, and faster, open-source client instead.

fantastic freebies

Get Assassin s Creed: Rage Burst , and escape the Maw in Little Nightmares. We ve teamed up with Game Dev Market for a bundle full of pixel art, textures, fonts, sound effects, and tunes! Your next 8-bit pixel game will not only look great, but sound great too. This steamy bundle is filled with visual novels, dating sims, and suggestive party games! Date a grasshopper, romance a talking cat on an island, find a date for the high school reunion, and more. Apress is here for our newest bundle! IDW Publishing is back to transform your comic collection! Get Transformers: Optimus Prime Annual , Transformers:

Windows 7 Freebies: Where to Get Giveaways

Weekend PC Game Deals is where the hottest gaming deals from all over the internet are gathered into one place, every week, for your consumption. So kick back, relax, and hold on to your wallets. The Epic Games Store threw its hat into the digital game store market just last week , and the behemoth company has already begun its grand giveaway plans. The underwater survival indie hit Subnautica is now completely free to claim via the Epic Games Store , and you have two weeks to grab it. The game is playable on both Windows and macOS, and you will need to download the Epic Launcher to both download and play the game.

fantastic freebies for your PC

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Pc world top fantastic freebies

VirusTotal Uploader download Great for checking potentially dangerous downloads and e-mail attachments, this uploader gives you a right-click option to send any file under 10MB to VirusTotal s exceptional site, where you ll receive antivirus scan results from 32 different program engines. Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition download Avira typically does a great job of detecting malware on a PC; the paid version of the program posted a The free version employs the same engine, but you ll have to tolerate the occasional pop-up urging you to upgrade to the paid application. The free version can run full spyware scans but doesn t have many of the real-time protection features of the paid version. Comodo Firewall Pro download Comodo s extensive firewall can block unauthorized attempts to send information from your PC to the Internet, which surpasses the protection that the built-in XP firewall offers. But as with any advanced firewall, be sure you know what you re doing before monkeying with the more in-depth security settings. TrueCrypt download Create an encrypted virtual drive with its own drive letter that automatically protects any file you add to it with your choice of encryption. If you try this program, be sure to go through the helpful first-time-use tutorial. Secunia Personal Software Inspector download Secunia s useful program makes keeping your software applications up-to-date much easier. It even covers apps that you might rarely use but that can leave Internet Explorer and your PC wide open because of an unsafe ActiveX control.

Google s Gmail is a winner.

fantastic freebies

This looks like a useful list that I will check out over the coming days: The List. Civilization 2: As a kid I went to Walt Disney World yearly. Fantastic Freebies from Walt Disney World. No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder. Spamfighter harnesses the collective intelligence of 4. You can find free samples, free gift cards, free beauty products, free tickets and points. LookSmart s Furl. Nonprofit Technology Chat: Browse our collection of fantastic freebie information for news stories, slideshows, opinion pieces and related videos posted on AOL.

Pc world fantastic freebies

Holy Clippy, the day is almost here. Windows 7 launches this Thursday, October 22, bringing an end to three glorious years of delightfully droll Vista punchlines. There s plenty to consider when it comes to the new OS -- how to upgrade , which edition to buy , what to do if you re jumping from XP -- but what about which retailer offers you the best free stuff? After all, an event big enough to warrant launch parties is sure to inspire plenty of giveaways. Well, fear not, my fellow freebie-hunters -- we ve got you covered. Here s a rundown of some gratis goodies you can pick up along with your shiny new Microsoft software. Windows 7 in Pictures: CompUSA will start comping early with midnight events at 10 of its retail stores. Even if you aren t early, you ll be able to win free Windows 7 installs and one of 77 new Windows 7 dual-core PCs being given away as part of the launch.

Foxit Reader has made Top Fantastic Freebies in PC World again

Foxit Software Inc. Protects Data Integrity With August 6, Security Release — Foxit Reader 4. Still the PDF April 1, Security Release — Foxit Reader 3. February 9, Foxit Releases Firmware 2. July 6, Authorize. June 24, New White Paper Available: June 24, Foxit eSlick V1. June 12, Foxit Japan Inc. March 12, Foxit will Participate in "Tomorrow s Re d" January 29, Why Foxit eSlick is cheaper?

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